Scaffolding van der Panne is a company with a rich history in scaffolding construction. Below our timeline:


Scaffolding van der Panne is founded by the namesake Wout van der Panne. We settled with our former sister company Havenbedrijf Atlantica B.V. at the Stadionweg 35c, of course at Rotterdam Zuid near De Kuip.

Rob Bos comes from container Terminal Holland, another company of Wout van der Panne and as director he is responsible for the commercial growth and daily management of Steigerbouw vanderPanne.

Led by Rob Bos, the company originally grows for Atlantica's "collection of idle hours" into a much sought-after subcontractor in scaffolding and then further to independent contractor of larger works in scaffolding with Own knowhow, people, material and transport.


The shares will be transferred to Rob Bos, who will then lay the foundation for an independent, flexible and quality driven Steigerbouw vanderPanne from 1989 onwards.


The shares of the company are acquired by Pascal Bos, the son of Rob Bos, who has been working in the company since 1992.


VanderPanne has been nominated for a Gazelle Award for the fastest growing company. The turnover of the company has more than doubled in a number of years.


Company structure is being pre-regionalized by working in two Business units; Offshore&Industry and Construction&Infra.


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Steigerbouw van der Panne Rotterdam B.V.

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