Van der Panne has been worldwide active on offshore platforms for over 25 years ( maintenance as well as decommissioning) and ships whom are 365 days per year 24/7 provided with scaffolding and rope access.
Since a couple of years we have been tendering in the windsector as well.
Outside our specialism, creating safe workplaces on height we are able to offer total packadges.  For Isolation and Painting we have strategic collaborations with other specialists.

What makes us the right partner in this segment

• QHSE department with specific knowlege of the offshore regulations.
• A great number of specialistic and experienced scaffolders whom are trained according to the last regulations basic Nogepa trainingen and suplemented with Fire Fighting, Banksman,H2S Coxwain and GWO related educations). This big number of scaffolders are outside the legally required educations yearly trained in our own Smart to be safe program on parts of safety and social aspects.
• A big library of constructive standardsolutions what results in quick and costfree work.
• Preparations by an experienced team planners, supervisors, advanced scaffolders and scaffolders whom are years active in this segment. Because of this we garantee a smooth running workproces where all work activities and risks are insightfull causing a manageble cost proces for our clients.
• We work with short lines and  react quickly and adequate to your questions.
• Our wharehouse and logistic department are so arranged that all requests can be met quickly, meticulously and in accordance with regulations. We understand the nessecity of reliable deliveries due to flight and boat schemes.
• A big stock of offshore specific materials such as opentop containers, certified offshore containers and specific safety systems.
• We can mobilise a crew quickly and efficiently.

Some of our relations

 • Wintershall Noordzee B.V.
• Subsea 7 IntlContracting LTD
• Scaldis Salvage & Marine Contractors N.V.
• Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V.
• Paragon Offshore
• Jan de Nul N.V.
• Heerema Marine Contractors SE.
• Engie E&P Nederland B.V.
• Boskalis Offshore Subsea Services (europe) B.V.

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