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Van der Panne played an important role for the client Jan de Nul in the installation project on the giant ship Voltaire in the port of Esbjerg, Denmark. With no less than nine trailers full of materials, we traveled to the location and immediately started working a day and night shift.

One of the main goals of our work was to build scaffolding, both internally and externally on the ship, to make various activities possible. This included creating safe and stable platforms for technicians and other workers involved in the offshore wind farm installation project in the North Sea.

It was a challenging project that required thorough planning and coordination. The development within these installation vessels has been enormous in recent years and the development continues. We expect to see more ships in this category in the near future.

This project on the Voltaire in Esbjerg, Denmark, highlights the continued growth and development of the offshore wind industry. Van der Panne remains committed to high-quality work in this sector and looks forward to future challenging projects that contribute to sustainable energy production at sea.

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CLIENT: Jan de Nul
LOCATION: Esjberg, Denemarken

Bij nood buiten reguliere openingstijden BEL 010-2004433

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