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Working at vanderpanne is working shoulder to shoulder, in a no-nonsense culture, working together on a safe workplace.

We have grown strongly in recent years. We have received the Gazelle prize for the fastest growing company in 2015 and we have even more growth plans.

Our company is active in two business units Construction / Infra & Offshore / Industry. In these four segments we have been working together with regular customers for years and this file is still growing. For these segments, the same goal applies: "We build a safe workplace for another".

The culture within the company is a Rotterdam culture. We say what we think and we do what we say ....... and this 360 degrees. For the customer, for the employee, for all involved partners in a project. Our core values ​​Solid, 360, Better is interwoven throughout the company and therefore also for our staff. We work a lot with subcontractors. They are part of Van der Panne, share the same vision and carry the same goal, a safe workplace.

Van der Panne people

We Van der Panne people are ready 24/7 to care for solutions for our customers. We are open, honest and appointment is appointment. Van der Panne people are a team, we are passionate and have a passion for the scaffolding business. You can not build scaffold alone.

Many people have been working at Van der Panne for a long time. Take for example Hans, a purebred scaffold builder, one of the old generation. He has been employed since 1985 and he still builds scaffolds every day. We cherish this knowledge as Van der Panne and take care of our people, even if the work becomes physically (too) heavy. Van der Panne people have a great sense of responsibility for safety. Van der Panne goes for Smart to be Safe. This is our method to work together on Safety. Always looking for a better solution for the customer, for the employee, for all involved partners in a project.  

Currently we are looking for:

  • Advanced scaffolder / supervisor
  • Trainee Offshore
  • Trainee Infra

Steigerbouw van der Panne Rotterdam B.V.

Veerweg 59
Postbus 9297
3007 AG Rotterdam

KvK : 24154445
Ing rek. :
IBAN : NL76 INGB 0694511765

G rek. :
IBAN : NL85 INGB 0996087028
BTW nr. : NL00.71.17.553.B01

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