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Van der Panne works in the industry segment for a wide scale of clients. Our clients are active in the shipbuilding, shiprestauration, petrochemical industry and construction industry. Alongside long term contracts we also carry out a lot of project based work. The projects vary from a rush job for a day to complex multiple year projects.

Beyond our specilism, creating a workplace on height, we are able to offer total packages. We have strategic fixed collaborations for Isolation and Painting with other specilists.

What makes us the right partner in this segment

  • Experience with working in all possible conditions; we have experience in assembling scaffolds on all possible places under all possible circumstances.
  • Flexible and fast deployment of manpower and material, allowing us to respond optimally to the wishes of the client.
  • Modern automation so that we can always provide immediate insight into costs and stand work.
  • Possiblilities  to work together on divers models (Fixed price, unit-rates, time-material, hours).
  • Knowlegde of the processes of our clients.
  • QHSE department that translates the requirements and wishes of our clients into work plans.
  • Excellent safety track record.
  • Short lines of communication with experienced foreman who manage hands on.
  • The drive to improve continously.

Some of our relations

  • Ampelmann Operations
  • ApplusRTD
  • Azimuth Marine
  • Ballast Nedam Industriebouw
  • Broekman Project Services
  • Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam BV
  • EIB Insulation Contracting
  • ENGIE Energy & Mobility
  • EPMC Europe
  • Euro Rope Nederland
  • Exxonmobil antwerpen
  • Fluor Engineering N.V.
  • FNSteel
  • Gebr. Buijs Scheepsbouw
  • Huisman Equipment B.V.
  • Huisman Global Services B.V.
  • IHC Holland
  • IHC SAS-hytop
  • Isolatie Combinatie Beverwijk
  • JP Isolatie B.V.
  • Kenz Figee Group
  • MaasStroom Energie
  • Noordgastransport BV
  • Peineman Port Services
  • Rijnmond Power Holding
  • Scheepswerf L.J. Boer Sliedrecht
  • Scheepswerf Slob B.V.
  • Sledge Hammer Engineering International
  • Smulders
  • Spie Infrastructure Services & Projects
  • Stedin Netbeheer
  • Storm Industriediensten
  • Synres-Almoco
  • Takke Breukelen BV
  • Van der Ende Steel Protecto
  • Verolme Special Equipment B.V.
  • West BV

Steigerbouw van der Panne Rotterdam B.V.

Veerweg 59
Postbus 9297
3007 AG Rotterdam

KvK : 24154445
Ing rek. :
IBAN : NL76 INGB 0694511765

G rek. :
IBAN : NL85 INGB 0996087028
BTW nr. : NL00.71.17.553.B01

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