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In the segment construction van der Panne delivers her services in the areas housing and utilitybuilding. This as well in the new building as restauration/renovation. The size of the projects vary from small renovations to complex utility projects. In this segment we often work with fixed partners with whom we have a project transcending collaboration.

What makes us the right partner in this segment

  • We have knowledge of the building proces and think and act proactif so our clients proces wil continue unimpeded.
  • We are intemately involved with the creation of the Richtlijn Steigers, and are well informed of the last developments in the field of regulations.
  • In the quotation fase we give complete insight in our starting point. Our starting point is to make a complete quotation so there will be no surprises allong the way.
  • Because of our big library of constructive standardsolutions we can quickly design common constructions without additional costs. We can engineer 2D as well as 3D.
  • We have knowledge of LEAN constructing and constribute actively.
  • In cooperation with our QHSE department we clarify risks and make a plan with corresponding control measures.
  • We can respond quickly troughout the Netherlands to meet our clients wishes.
  • We have a big stock of our own material.

Some of our relations

  • A. van der Knaap Bouwbedrijf
  • A.G.J.C. van Breda Aannemersbedrijf
  • Aannemersbedrijf Klapwijk Krimpen B.V.
  • Aannemingsbedrijf Bertens Bouw
  • Aannemingsbedrijf Citadel
  • Aldowa
  • Ballast Nedam diverse vestigingen
  • Balm
  • Batenburg Bouw & Ontwikkeling
  • BESTBOUW Haastrecht
  • Bocker Nederland
  • Bots bouwgroep Liessel
  • Bouwbedrijf Boogert
  • Bouwbureau en aannemingsbedrijf De Wilde
  • BVR Bouw Gorinchem
  • Coen Hagendoorn Brabocom
  • Constructif
  • DAIKIN Nederland
  • Dura Vermeer diverse vestigingen
  • Giesbers-Rotterdam Bouw
  • Hacabo Bouw en advies
  • Heembouw Roelofarendsveen
  • Heembouw wonen
  • Hurks bouw & vastgoedontwikkeling
  • IMTO Benelux Vastgoedonderhoud
  • Interbouw Services
  • Koninklijke Woudenberg
  • Kruiswijk Groep
  • Pleijsier Bouw Genemuiden
  • Regiobouw Haarlemmermeer
  • Remmers Bouwgroep
  • Schilt Engineering
  • Takke Breukelen
  • TGM Service Onderhoud
  • TU Delft
  • U-Build Bouw
  • Van Galen Klimaattechniek
  • Van Wijnen diverse vestigingen

Steigerbouw van der Panne Rotterdam B.V.

Veerweg 59
Postbus 9297
3007 AG Rotterdam

KvK : 24154445
Ing rek. :
IBAN : NL76 INGB 0694511765

G rek. :
IBAN : NL85 INGB 0996087028
BTW nr. : NL00.71.17.553.B01

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