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In the segment Infra we carry out work in the field of maintenance and newbuilding of artwork (steel and concrete), formwork and support contructions.
The projects vary from some scaffolds to complex facilities for preserving large objects. Because of our strategic collaboration with a leading supplier we can quickly dispose of all necessary materials.

What makes us the right partner in this segment

  • Knowledge and experience in complex projects.
  • Strategic colleborations with a leading supplier so we can quickly engineer and dispose of all necessary materials.
  •  Because of our background in other segments, we offer creative solutions that save costs.

Some of our relations

  • Baak EPCM
  • Ballast Nedam Infra Speciale Projecten
  • Ballast Nedam Beton- en Waterbouw
  • Comol5
  • De Klerk Waterbouw
  • Dura Vermeer Divisie Infra BV
  • Dura Vermeer Infra Regio Zuid West
  • ENGIE High Voltage Lines & Underground
  • Feijenoord Straal & schildersbedrijf
  • GMB Civiel B.V.
  • IXAS Gaasperdammerweg
  • Lasserat Nederland B.V.
  • Rijkswaterstaat Zuid-West Nederland
  • Sherpa WNZ VOBO
  • Spie
  • Strikton Infratechnieken
  • Takke Breukelen B.V.
  • Van der Ende Steel Protectors Group
  • Venko Schilderwerken
  • Vialis
  • VolkerRail Nederland
  • Wilchem
  • Zuidplus

Steigerbouw van der Panne Rotterdam B.V.

Veerweg 59
Postbus 9297
3007 AG Rotterdam

KvK : 24154445
Ing rek. :
IBAN : NL76 INGB 0694511765

G rek. :
IBAN : NL85 INGB 0996087028
BTW nr. : NL00.71.17.553.B01

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