A good preparation is half the work. To be certain that our client has the correct solution, we are happy to be involved in the early stages of the process.
In this fase our specilistic knowledge is optimally used. We support our client in the choice of a safe and efficient solution and we think along in budgeting and planning.We work out these plans in 2d or 3d and provide a complete plan of action with accompanying risk analyzes.


We assemble and disassemble a safe workplace or support construction. Scaffolding is human work. We are a pioneer in the field of training within the sector (VSB). All scaffolders have the necessary standard diplomas and certificates. In addition, we have a large group of scaffolders with additional training courses that are required for working in, for example, the offshore and wind industry.  We have a wide range of proprietary scaffolding materials and systems with which we can provide a suitable technical solution for every demand.

Rope access

Scaffolding is not always the best solution, so we also offer rope access. These activities are coordinated and executed by us under the rules of IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association).  Depending on the required work, we can employ specialized and certified technicians. Specialisms include, welding and grinding, painting, NDT.  By bundling scaffolding and rope access we are able to provide a suitable solution for every question.

Scaffold for construction stairs

6 July 2018

Hanging scaffold

22 June 2018


15 June 2018


15 June 2018

Entrance tower Zaandam

15 June 2018

Asian Hercules

15 June 2018

Hanging scaffold crane

4 May 2018

Support construction

10 November 2017

Access solution

10 November 2017

Georgine Sanderstower

10 November 2017

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